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5 Tips for Herding Ducks

As a duck owner, you’ve probably wondered, “just how the heck can I get these guys into their house?”

Luckily, herding ducks is pretty easy as it turns out! Ducks may have birdbrains, but they are no dummies!

1. Use a “herding stick”

A “herding stick” can be a long branch, a wooden dowel, or even a piece of 1/2-inch PVC water pipe. Anything that allows you a longer reach will enable you to wave your ducks into the direction they should go!

Tip: You can lightly tap ducks on the behind to give them a nudge in the right direction, if needed.

2. Get help!

Herding ducks works best with at least one other helper. Shoosh the ducks in the direction they should go while your helper makes sure they stay on course, and can catch any stragglers that try to veer off.

3. Stay calm

Ducks can get very agitated if you try to herd them too quickly or too erratically. Go too fast, and you’ll push through the middle of the duck herd, scattering them everywhere! As with many things, a calm and steady hand will keep your little guys calm, too.

4. Keep a pattern

Ducks, like humans, are creatures of habit. If you herd your ducks around the same time of day and in the same general direction each time, you’ll find that they will almost herd themselves!

5. Reward your ducks!

After a successful herding, treat your ducks to a tasty treat of vegetables, grain, or some fresh lettuce! Your ducks will appreciate your kindness, and who doesn’t want a happy duck?

Happy herding!

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