Hi, I’m Tina!

Calico Blossom is a labor of love born from my passion for horses and poultry.

I got my first horses in 1995 when I was just a kid. I had a pony named Mac and an Appaloosa named Dusty who I loved to pieces. After being out of horses for years I decided to get into mini horses since riding was never really my passion. Now I strive to help pass on horse care tips which can apply to equines of all sizes!

My introduction to poultry came in 1999 when I begged my dad to buy me two baby ducks from the local feed store. A Khaki Campbell drake named Earl and a Fawn & White Runner hen named Pearl became my first ducks and quickly proved the “gateway” to a plethora of ducks, geese, and chickens I kept throughout my teen years. I got out of poultry when I went to college but missed them so much that I got back into chickens in 2013 and ducks in 2014. I’m so glad I did!

I believe that in this stressful, fast-paced world, it is healthy to periodically “disconnect” and return to the natural world. I think everyone can benefit from incorporating elements of rural living into their lives, whether that be through gardening, tending a flock of poultry, or simply enjoying time outdoors.

Calico Blossom seeks to capture that spirit of embracing what is natural and taking in the many valuable lessons animals have to teach us. I hope you enjoy your stay!

Earl and Pearl, the ducks who started it all, in 1999


Smokey is a 2008 black tobiano American Shetland Pony gelding. I bought him in May 2015 and he is the leader of my little herd.

He is very gentle, but also very nervous. He had a bit of a troubled past and takes a while to relax. He loves treats more than anything and waits at the gate to get his nightly bananas.

Doc is a 2007 chestnut tobiano Mini Horse gelding. He is from a local Mini breeder and the most easygoing of the three.

Always in your pocket and super sweet, Doc doesn’t have a mean bone in his body–but he can be a brat! Since he has weight issues but runs like the wind when he doesn’t want to come in off the grass, he’s earned the affectionate nickname of Pigrocket.

Sundance is a 2012 brown tobiano Mini Horse gelding. He is from the same breeder as Doc and is sweet despite his stereotypical pony attitude.

Even though he’s five, he still has some very babyish traits which make him adorable even if we are always having to work on manners. He loves people and will follow you around all day. He’s precious!