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Two Beautiful Miniature Horse Geldings

Two beautiful and friendly Miniature horse geldings.

The dark bay is 9 years old, and the chestnut is 14. Both are 32″ tall.

They love people and attention and are halter trained. They also lead well and are good about having their feet done.

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How to manage messy, muddy duck water

There’s no question about it: ducks love water. It’s probably why they’re called waterfowl! Unfortunately, they also love muddying their water. Not only do ducks …

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Breed Profile: Ancona Duck

The Ancona Duck is an English breed, considered to be critically endangered by the American Livestock Conservancy. Anconas are in the medium class, weighing 6-8 …

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Using leaves as bedding in duck houses; does it work?

“What sort of bedding should I use use in my duck house?” It’s one of those questions that has no right answer. Some suggest straw, …

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How to Protect Your Garden Plants From a Freeze or Frost

As fall progresses and the days get shorter, we all dread that weather forecast that includes the words “freeze” or “frost.” So what do you …

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Slider Buns / Dollar Rolls: Buttery as Heaven

These delicious slider buns are super easy to make and amazing for hamburgers and sandwiches alike.

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5 Tips for Herding Ducks

As a duck owner, you’ve probably wondered, “just how the heck can I get these guys into their house?” Luckily, herding ducks is pretty easy …

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