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Tips for growing garlic

Growing garlic is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Not only is garlic great tasting, it’s packed with health benefits. You might think growing garlic is difficult, but it really isn’t—so long as certain factors are considered. Here are just a few tips for growing garlic successfully. You can replenish your own …

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Using sand in the brooder is worth it!

Brooders can become incredibly smelly in just a day or two under the wrong conditions. Using a thin layer of sand in the base of your brooder can eliminate odors and provide an easy way to clean up–like scooping out a cat’s litter box. This keeps your chickens healthier and is a breeze to maintain.

5 Tips for Herding Ducks

As a duck owner, you’ve probably wondered, “just how the heck can I get these guys into their house?” Luckily, herding ducks is pretty easy as it turns out! Ducks may have birdbrains, but they are no dummies! 1. Use a “herding stick” A “herding stick” can be a long branch, a wooden dowel, or …

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