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Breed Profile: Ancona Duck

The Ancona Duck is an English breed, considered to be critically endangered by the American Livestock Conservancy. Anconas are in the medium class, weighing 6-8 pounds at maturity. Their most distinguishing feature is their beautiful broken-pattern “pinto” coloring. While all Anconas have a colored pattern on a white body, the pattern comes in many colors …

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5 Tips for Herding Ducks

As a duck owner, you’ve probably wondered, “just how the heck can I get these guys into their house?” Luckily, herding ducks is pretty easy as it turns out! Ducks may have birdbrains, but they are no dummies! 1. Use a “herding stick” A “herding stick” can be a long branch, a wooden dowel, or …

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First Chickens of 2013

I had owned a lot of poultry in the past (chickens, ducks, geese, and even some guineas!), but I sold them all about ten years ago. At the beginning of 2013, I made the decision to get into chickens again, to provide my family with fresh eggs and enjoy the lovable antics of chickens once …

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