Fluffy baby chicks from Cackle Hatchery

If you're a poultry fancier, one of the best parts of spring is finally getting your long-awaited box of baby poultry. Baby chicks are pretty much the cutest thing on the planet, and our chicks for 2017 are no exception.

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Why your ducks are turning white

There's little question color plays a large role in selecting a breed of poultry to own. Ducks are no exception, and come in a wide array of beautiful colors. So, some people are taken by surprise when their duck grows new feathers for the year, horrified to find their lovely dark-feathered duck now has white spots. What happened?

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For Sale: Registered Young Welsh Pony Gelding

I am selling a 2013 Welsh Pony (Section A) gelding. He is extremely friendly, intelligent, and easy to catch and work with. He also has gorgeous conformation and carries himself with true elegance.

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